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College Students

Expert Adviser

Application Process Components

  • Preparation of initial list of colleges to begin research process. Exploration exercise with student to begin information gathering.

  • Analysis of research to develop target list of colleges with good fit for student and prepare college application timetable with all requirements per school.

  • College visits - Arrange itineraries for visits to college campuses. Educate student on questions to ask, follow up, and more.

  • Determine family’s need for merit or need based financial aid. Identify the Expected Family Contribution and create list of schools suitable to budget.

  • Guiding essay writing. Covering the to-do’s of the essay. Review of essay topics. Work up until Final Draft.

  • Preparation for the interview process. Run through typical interviews to prepare student for admissions, alumni or other interviews.

College tactics are individually developed. They expose students to an array of activities and opportunities. As a result, character traits flourish, student's engagement and motivation increase, maximizing the chances for success in the future.

On the Path to Success

College and School Services

Eating Out

Comprehensive College Package

Initial consultation to provide description of the program and evaluation of the particular needs of the student and family.  Followed by  an assessment of academic and extracurricular Performance. This is the perfect time for students to explore and discover their passions. 

Resume Workshop – Draft personal resume for college selection process.  Include summer learning, service and work opportunities.

Standardized Testing -Evaluation, preparation and practice tests.

Complete application process followed through until successful transition into college. 

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Enhanced College Package

9th and 10th grade students can participate in an enhanced college package with a series of strategic interventions. These include: one-on-one consultations to assess academic progress, evaluation of high school coursework and assistance with class selection, planning for summer  enrichment, and more.

Targeted work with middle school students especially those families interested in Florida's State University System schools.

At times, students will need to consider nontraditional academic settings to stay on their college preparation track. We have worked with families on finding the perfect setting to continue growing in that direction through boarding school placements.

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Individual Tactic Plan

Flexible Package to accommodate individual needs of students not purchasing a comprehensive package. Can be customized for a particular desired objective, for example, Essays, Financial Aid, SAT, etc.

Based on the Consultant's hourly fee with a minimum number of hours expected for the project.


After College Graduation...

We guide successful students in the application process to professional and graduate schools. Work with students who may require academic enhancement through a post-baccalaureate program.

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