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Success for students with Learning disabilities


Learning How to Access Appropriate Accommodations is a Critical Step

LD Strategy

- LD Tactics programs focus on the needs of the student first and foremost. 
- Will help families develop a unique and appropriate educational plans for each student, taking into account laws and policies. 
- Each student is unique and services are carefully tailored to fit the situation.

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LD Process

Information Gathering

Thorough review of all educational records, psycho-educational testing, notes, assessments, etc.

Informal and formal interviews with the student, family members, or applicable individuals who may share pertinent information about the student.

Review Recommendations

Necessary accommodations and services.

Referral to necessary professionals such as tutors, therapists, or other specialists.

Additional assessments, if necessary.

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LD Partnerships

Creation of Educational Plan

Develop and review educational goals and steps necessary to achieve goals.

Work with families on how to negotiate with school personnel on behalf of the student when necessary.

Identify support personnel in school and the community to work with the student on the path towards success.

Ongoing monitoring of education plan to ensure that student is making adequate progress.

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embracing neurodiversity

Students with Learning Differences can feel intimidated and alone in the educational process. Auditory learners benefit from repeating the information out loud or using recording devices. Visual learners rely on pictures, maps and charts, or information they write down. Students with ADHD benefit from Time Management and the use of calendars. Understanding what works for each individual student is key to their success.

The details are the details

Dyslexia - Autism Spectrum Disorder - ADHD...

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Students with Learning Differences can be very successful in college.

The college setting is very different from high school.  Many of our students are able to maximize these difference and perform even better than in high school. We work with them throughout their transition to ensure results.

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